Who We Are?

We’re A digital marketing & lead generation company.

About Us.

why we do what we do?

We’ve entered an age where everything we touch is digital. With that comes a responsibility on the part of all people to understand how technology impacts their lives, and to leverage technology to best serve themselves, and their communities.

We started LeadGen Locals because we saw that there was an increasing proportion of highly-skilled, highly-qualified businessmen and entrepreneurs across the country that are unable to properly deliver their value to the world, because they lack the skills necessary to stand out digitally and drive revenues profitably.

We started off working with family and close friends to help them grow their online presence. From there, it became clear that we could also work toward actually driving their revenues higher by optimizing their online presence for conversions. Suddenly, dentists, doctors, lawyers, HVAC companies, personal trainers, & more were skyrocketing to the top of Google and absolutely smashing the competition.

From this spawned the idea that we could do this for any person in any market around the world, and so LeadGen Locals was born.

We look forward to making you a part of our journey.

ceo / owner

sean kochel