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search engine optimization.

The best place to hide a body? Page 2 of the Google Search Results! If your ideal customers aren’t able to find you when they search for your services, you’ll be reliant on paid advertising to grow. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an easy way to grow your revenues consistently month over month.

paid advertising.

Sometimes you want to add fuel to the fire. Paid advertising is a great way to grow revenues in a short amount of time. For most businesses, Facebook & Google ads are going to be the foundation of your paid advertising.

website development.

You can’t sell your services without a strong foundation. There are hundreds of factors that influence how well your website ranks in the search engines, and the most important ones live on the website itself. We’ll work with you to build a site that ranks you to the top of your local market in no-time.

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About Us.

Curious what we're all about?

We’ve entered an age where everything we touch is digital. With that comes a responsibility on the part of all people to understand how technology impacts their lives, and to leverage technology to best serve themselves, and their communities.

We started LeadGen Locals because we saw that there was an increasing proportion of highly-skilled, highly-qualified businessmen and entrepreneurs across the country that are unable to properly deliver their value to the world, because they lack the skills necessary to stand out digitally and drive revenues profitably.

We started off working with family and close friends to help them grow their online presence. From there, it became clear that we could also work toward actually driving their revenues higher by optimizing their online presence for conversions. Suddenly, dentists, doctors, lawyers, HVAC companies, personal trainers, & more were skyrocketing to the top of Google and absolutely smashing the competition.

From this spawned the idea that we could do this for any person in any market around the world, and so LeadGen Locals was born.

We look forward to making you a part of our journey.

CEO / strategy

sean kochel

My focus is your success.

I’ve helped manage and execute advertising campaigns for some of the largest companies in the world, and with that comes a caliber of understanding & experience that (unfortunately), most marketing agencies will never have access to.

What works for them will work for you to, and it’s my goal to bring those strategies and principles directly to your business.

some frequently asked questions

So, why hire a digital marketing agency?

Did you know that more than 40% of the world’s entire population now has access to the internet? With billions of Google searches each day, the internet has become an ever-growing and evolving mass of information, communication, and viral video content. With access to essentially billions of individual potential customers, maximizing your online reach with a smart digital marketing strategy is a must for any online entrepreneur.

Working together with advertising agencies  is a way to gain valuable insight into the latest online marketing trends as you develop and launch new digital campaigns that reflect the goals of your own business. We maximize your online reach while discovering more about exactly what your target audience is looking for from your business and brand.

When you choose to work with an internet marketing agency, you will have the opportunity to work with highly skilled professionals who can help you to better understand your own customers on a deeper level. Some of the most notable advantages of working with an internet marketing Austin agency to help with developing your digital marketing strategy include:

  • Pinpoint Keywords: Pinpoint and identify current trends and keywords that are most relevant to your business and website’s presence. Implement popular keywords and phrases into blog content, pages, and news updates to help with boosting your website’s SEO.
  • Identify Your Target Audience: Austin ad agencies work with clients to identify core target audiences for individual websites and businesses. Identifying the core demographics and target audience for your business is a great way to better optimize future product and digital marketing campaigns.
  • Market Research: Digital marketing companies conduct thorough market research for their clients to determine current, upcoming, and past industry trends. Identifying and following current industry trends helps tremendously when crafting and launching digital marketing strategies for a business or brand online.
  • Show Me the Data: With a professional digital marketing agency, gain access to data and analytics from each of your individual online campaigns. Monitor and assess the data you receive from each of your online campaigns in real-time to gain an edge over your online competition while simultaneously gaining a deeper understanding of your visitors, followers, and loyal customers.